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Winter Favourites

Living in Toronto, we see our share of winter weather throughout the cold months. My favourite weather to shoot in is definitely a good snow storm. It adds a unique mood and it's something I thoroughly enjoy. 

Here are some of my favourite images I've captured this winter.

The story behind this photo is pretty awesome. I was taking some photos of a few Police officers in Toronto. This officer I chatted with for a few minutes, and asked him to snap a quick portrait. This was a super genuine moment and smile. One of my favourite photos to date.

When shooting in snow storms, I am always thinking to have the shutter as fast as possible to freeze the snow and create somewhat of a dreamy look. 


Photo of @soteeoh

Photo of @soteeoh

These are just a few of my favourites. I'm looking to get back into my blogs so keep checking back! I am visiting Hong Kong in the next week, make sure to keep a look out for the adventure!


Yet another rooftop series, but with a new twist. I recently picked up a 14mm ultra wide angle lens primarily for shoots just like this. I decided to revisit one of my favourite look out points, lucky enough for me I was able to visit this time during the day (which is a first for me). There were several shots I had in mind that I wanted to capture, and there were a few that came along with ideas from some of my friends.

14mm on a full frame camera is beautiful. These are some look down shots I have always wanted to capture but is impossible to do without this lens.

This is a spot I have always wanted to visit during the day as the view is quite breathtaking. Unfortunately with recent events with some younger crowds visiting and damaging the property, this spot is out of question now.

Hope you all enjoy the photos! Hopefully they give you some sort of feeling ;)


Lens in the clouds

If you asked me a few months ago to scale these kind of heights, I would say you were crazy. Rooftopping has taken storm over the last year or so in Toronto. Whether being done for photography or just taking in a view of the downtown core, it's quite the adrenaline rush.

Recently, I revisited one of my favourite spots in the city. Usually I wouldn't be so hyped to get back and see the same view, but my from my own personal growth in my photography I wanted to recapture the view.

The plan was to get to the lookout for sunrise, but some hiccups along the way changed the plans. An old saying really holds true "A picture doesn't quite do justice". It's something you really have to see in person.

One of my favourite shots from the shoot. I wanted to get a light trail of the cars on the highway. As you would imagine being up this high creates some challenges in taking long exposures, mainly high winds.

The main reason why this is my favourite spot is because you have a 360 degree view of the city, which allows you to capture everything.

We got lucky to get a pretty nice evening, considering the last time I was at this spot it was about -20 with the windchill. It was a decently warm evening with the beautiful moon behind us, as you can see here!

Hope you enjoyed the read + photos!


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Meet : Zach Bird

As some of you may know, I'm a huge Hip-Hop head. One of my favourite quotes from one of the greats, Kendrick Lamar says "I'm trying to surround myself with people that inspire me, or at least inquire similar desires to do what it takes to make it to the top" One of my good friends Zach Bird is a dope photographer here in Toronto. We both always try and push each other with our work, and both want to see each other succeed. After All, team work makes the dream work.

Photo by : snappedbycam

 SBC - Introduce yourself!

ZB - My name is Zach Bird, I’m 19 years old from Whitby, Ontario. I’m a freelance photographer, looking to open up and branch off to anything that is thrown at me in the field.

SBC - How did you get in Photography? What were your inspirations? 

ZB - I got into photography on one of my yearly camping trips about 3 years ago, I began to take some decent photos with a Nikon DSLR that was my dad’s. Myy family was impressed with my photographs then and I wasn’t even really working hard at it or doing it the right way so that was definitely what inspired me to get into it just people appreciating my work right off the bat.

SBC - What are your goals for 2015?

ZB- My goals for 2015 are to keep improving on what style best sparks my interest, and to keep connecting with people and to hopefully move on to bigger and better things with doing that.

SBC - If you could land one gig, what would it be and why?

ZB - One gig I definitely want to land is to just have the experience of being in a media pit at a concert, or something entirely different like shooting a freelance project for a wildlife magazine would be pretty sweet as well.EndFragment    

Zach recently launched his website, make sure to check it out! Click here

Stay tuned for more!


Catching the Sunset at Toronto Island

When one thinks of catching sunsets, it's usually somewhere warm on a beach with a beer. I'd also be thinking that. With spring just arriving here in Toronto, the feel of the winter just won't quite go away.  Although it looks somewhat warm, it wasn't exactly ideal for exploring.

The day started with my usual walks across the City, but decided to take the ferry over to the Island. 

If you've never taken the Ferry across to the Island, it's always a mix of people coming back from a grocery shop, or families spending the day. There is not a whole lot to do during the Winter as most of all the attractions are closed for the season.

Photo of  Zach Bird

Photo of Zach Bird

It's always a fun and enjoyable time at the Island, I can't wait for the warmer weather!

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring!

As of 6:45pm today, it marks the end of our Winter. In terms of a typical Canadian winter, not the same amount as snow as we're accustomed to, but boy was it a COLD one! So here is an official welcome to Spring!

Being a photographer, most of my work is done in the outdoors so just being able to throw on a hoodie has been very enjoyable. I've really pushed my photography since September/October, so I haven't really had the chance to shoot in the warmer temps. I am beyond excited for that!

   Torontonians getting their last skate in at Nathan Phillips Square.


Torontonians getting their last skate in at Nathan Phillips Square.

Stay tuned for upcoming blogs & my Instagram! Some very cool projects coming up!