snappedbycam t shirt


On my most recent adventure once again to the roofs, and I can honestly say as I am writing this my legs are feeling very weak. Another climb of a 60+ floor building can really make you question your body shape. The climbs are always painful, but the views are always rewarding enough for me to keep climbing.

This mini series is a combination of 2 buildings, kind of in the same area but with different architecture. 

Construction sites can sometimes be a challenge to shoot due to a lot of safety fences blocking your view, but what I see is a playground waiting to be discovered.

This concludes the mini series! Wish I could share more info hehe.





After a few months in development, I'm incredibly humbled to announce I've been hand-picked by French street wear brand JVGBD. We worked together on a few T-Shirt designs using some of my favourite Toronto photos I have taken. I am very proud to be working with this international label and to be one of the select few to represent Canada. 

JVGBD is the result of scrupulous work of three young designers who for nearly three years are bent to produce a perfect interplay between image and clothing.

  Their process of their own, consists of hard-won techniques during countless sleepless nights spent experimenting in their French workshop.

Currently you can find two of my designs on their website!

I am very excited to see where this leads to! 

If you would like to purchase one you can click here to be directed to my shirts!

Thank you for all the continued support.