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Doors Open 15

One event I have always seemed to miss in the past has been Doors Open. The City of Toronto gives access to the public to free and rare access to more then 155 architecturally, historically, culturally and socially significant buildings across the city. This event goes over a two day period. 

Taking a look at the list of the buildings open, I visited the ones that were good for photographs. I was able to visit all but one of the locations I wanted to which was the Don Jail.

The day started off with a Instameet, hosted by @Alexandramack22 + @evologist . They were able to provide all of us with media passes. These came in handy as we were able to bypass the long lineups.

The first location I wanted to head to was Toronto City Hall. They opened up the observation deck to the public which had a beautiful view of the city. Unfortunately the glass was very dirty so it made it near impossible to take photos of the view.

Next on our walk was a visit to The Sick Kids Hospital. The building they opened was The Peter Gilgan Centre for Research and Learning. We were taken up to the 27th floor to a lobby room with interesting architecture.




Onto the next! We then headed our way over to the Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre. It was a fair bit of a walk from our previous spot but it was a beautiful day out. Two of my favourite grammers below @AshtonTekno + @bora.vs.bora were one of the few to branch off with us to the theatre. 

The Elgin theatre was my favourite building. The architecture was beautiful, as you can see. The Elgin & Winter Garden Theatre is the only double deck theatre in all of Canada. 

This is a place i've ALWAYS wanted to go but never took the time to go. It is always open to the public, but as soon as you pull out a camera you will most likely be asked to leave. This is my favourite shot from the day.

Lastly we went to Queen's Park, I imagine this was on everyone's list as it was very busy. This is the Parliament Chamber. This was definitely my favourite room in the building

Hope you enjoyed the Doors Open event!

Until next time..