smoke photography


One of my favourite props to use for my photos are Smoke Grenades (or known as smoke bombs) They are originally made for Airsoft/Paintball but Photographers and Filmmakers have been using them as props to add a special effect. 

My recent collaboration is being sponsored by - They are the official re-seller of the Enola Gaye Wire Pull Grenades as well as the bigger EG18 Assault Grenades. These are sold at other locations but Rocket gives the best price as they are the official reseller. 

You can get some pretty crazy photos while using these. They last for about a minute to a minute and a half and produce a huge amount of smoke. They come in all sorts of colours. My favourite one has to be either the green or blue. 

Rocket has many different locations in the Greater Toronto Area. Their store located in Etobicoke is open year round. 

Photo by Zach Bird

Photo by Zach Bird

If you're in need of Smoke Grenades, make sure to give a visit!