Meet : Zach Bird

As some of you may know, I'm a huge Hip-Hop head. One of my favourite quotes from one of the greats, Kendrick Lamar says "I'm trying to surround myself with people that inspire me, or at least inquire similar desires to do what it takes to make it to the top" One of my good friends Zach Bird is a dope photographer here in Toronto. We both always try and push each other with our work, and both want to see each other succeed. After All, team work makes the dream work.

Photo by : snappedbycam

 SBC - Introduce yourself!

ZB - My name is Zach Bird, I’m 19 years old from Whitby, Ontario. I’m a freelance photographer, looking to open up and branch off to anything that is thrown at me in the field.

SBC - How did you get in Photography? What were your inspirations? 

ZB - I got into photography on one of my yearly camping trips about 3 years ago, I began to take some decent photos with a Nikon DSLR that was my dad’s. Myy family was impressed with my photographs then and I wasn’t even really working hard at it or doing it the right way so that was definitely what inspired me to get into it just people appreciating my work right off the bat.

SBC - What are your goals for 2015?

ZB- My goals for 2015 are to keep improving on what style best sparks my interest, and to keep connecting with people and to hopefully move on to bigger and better things with doing that.

SBC - If you could land one gig, what would it be and why?

ZB - One gig I definitely want to land is to just have the experience of being in a media pit at a concert, or something entirely different like shooting a freelance project for a wildlife magazine would be pretty sweet as well.EndFragment    

Zach recently launched his website, make sure to check it out! Click here

Stay tuned for more!