Secrets travel fast in Paris

Currently travelling to Amsterdam, what better way to pass the time then share my experience through Paris. This was my first time visiting Europe, and it was everything I expected and more.  There was many sights that were a must that I wanted to photograph.

What struck me about Paris was how beautiful the architecture is. All of the housings have beautiful detailings. Some of my favourites were the buildings along the river.

When I think Paris, I think fine details and beauty.  There are statues of great meaning all over the city. Some of my favourites were the gold plated statues.

Next on my must see sights to see was the Famous Louvre. This is one of the most famous museums in the world, home to very famous art pieces such as The Mona Lisa. The exterior of the building is also beautiful, they have several glass pyramids, making for great photographs.

The Eiffel tower even prettier then I had first thought, It fits so well with in the old beauty of the city.  My first shot was taken on a panoramic viewing tower just outside the heart of Paris.


My highlight of my time in Paris was most certainly Bastille Day (Paris’s 4th of July) To start the day they had a pass by of aircrafts of all sorts.  They also had a firework display at the Eiffel tower. Our original plan was to go with a group fairly close to the Tower, but I wanted to get a different perspective of the display of fireworks.

My Final location that I wanted to capture was Notre Dam. One of the most beautiful pieces of architecture I have seen. Fun fact : Construction started in 1163 and was opened in 1345. This photo was taken on my last night in Paris, I lucked out with a beautiful sunset.

Paris has for sure been on of my favourite Cities. Hoping to come back soon!


Signing off.

Victoria Day Fireworks!

Every year In Canada, on the last Monday before May 25th we celebrate Queen Victoria's Birthday. For most of us, this means an extra day to our weekend, and of course fireworks! I recently just moved into the city so I wanted to check out the firework display in Toronto. The show was held at Ashbridges Bay (In the beaches area of Toronto)

This was my first time shooting fireworks, I had an idea of what I wanted to do but with the show lasting just under 10 minutes I had to learn on the fly quickly.

I am pretty happy with how these turned out for my first time shooting fireworks! I will be in Paris for Bastille Day, cannot wait to see fireworks off the Eiffel Tower!

Hope you enjoyed the series!