Hologram Party in Toronto - Pusha T

I recently had the opportunity to shoot a special event in Toronto. Vice Canada and Fido sponsored the first Hologram party in the world. For such an event, they brought on Pusha T to set the night.

Pusha T is a well known Rapper, as well as President of GOOD Music. 

Pusha brought a very energetic vibe to the stage, hyping up the crowd with some of his hits (old and new) One of my favourites from the show is his hit single with Kanye West , Runaway)

A big shoutout to Robbie from Beyond the Drop for the opportunity. Check him out here! 

A visit to the Art Gallery of Ontario

Living in Toronto, one place I have never been to but have always wanted to was the AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario) The thing that has always intrigued me was the architecture. Although I have never really been into paintings and such, I have always respected art in any form.

Shot with 14mm 2.8 

Shot with 14mm 2.8 

One of my favourite displays was this beautiful room with several paintings. This shot was taken on a overhead lookout of the room. Thought it created a different perspective. 

I couldn't help but notice of how every person in the gallery looks at each piece differently. It is very interesting to see. If you haven't visited the AGO, I highly recommend it!

Stay tuned for more!