Catching the Sunset at Toronto Island

When one thinks of catching sunsets, it's usually somewhere warm on a beach with a beer. I'd also be thinking that. With spring just arriving here in Toronto, the feel of the winter just won't quite go away.  Although it looks somewhat warm, it wasn't exactly ideal for exploring.

The day started with my usual walks across the City, but decided to take the ferry over to the Island. 

If you've never taken the Ferry across to the Island, it's always a mix of people coming back from a grocery shop, or families spending the day. There is not a whole lot to do during the Winter as most of all the attractions are closed for the season.

Photo of  Zach Bird

Photo of Zach Bird

It's always a fun and enjoyable time at the Island, I can't wait for the warmer weather!

Exploring : Camp 30

Over the last year or so, I have found a new style of photography that I have a deep passion for. Most people know it as “Urban Exploring". This can be anything from checking out abandoned buildings or getting onto roofs of condos in the downtown core.

In my latest adventure, some friends and I checked out Camp 30. Located in Bomanville, ON. It is an abandoned POW camp where they once held german soldiers. This was the closest Canada ever came to WWII.

Camp 30 is a very common place to explore not only for photographers/videographers , but as well just for people to see history. As you can see in the video I created, the camp has been beaten down quite a bit. Which creates many opportunities and ideas.

Camp 30 is made up of several buildings scattered across a large property. Each building has a very eerie feeling as you can almost feel the history. There are holding cells, a cafeteria, gymnasium and much more. Each building also has tunnels connecting to every other building, this can make for some very scary exploring.

Being a photographer, my goal is to make the audience being able to make a grasp of the feeling of the photo. Getting the shots at Camp 30 can be challenging for a few reasons. Most buildings are boarded up and locked down, this creating poor lighting conditions.

Here is a little video I threw together, hope you enjoy it!